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We love our neighborhoods, where young children bike to swim clubs and walk to school, residents enjoy community gardens, families plant deep roots and thrive in a safe, walkable, quiet and traffic-free community. With a Wawa service station planned for the Barclay Farms Shopping Center, our quality of life, property values, health and well-being are all about to change.

A super Wawa operates 24/7/365, bringing traffic, light and noise pollution to our neighborhoods. Gasoline tankers, delivery trucks, trash haulers & dumpsters; hazardous conditions, constant congestion, illuminated signs and cut-through traffic will be the new normal, unless we join forces and take a stand for community-based planning and zoning.    

The NJ Supreme Court has stated that the preservation of the character of a neighborhood and conservation of neighborhood values are still proper zoning purposes. Let's hold Cherry Hill to this standard and preserve Barclay Farm, Kingston & Cherry Hill.

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What About Wawa?

An application to construct a Wawa convenience store with gasoline service is pending before the Cherry Hill Planning Board.
The plans include demolition of the Concord Pet Food store along with demolition of the two-story Barclay Pavilion office building, both located on the west side of the Barclay Farms Shopping Center. 
Additionally, a house located at 99 West Gate Dr. would be removed and replaced with a drive-way to allow access to the Wawa. Finally, the landscaped island bearing the Barclay Farm sign on West Gate Dr., along with the landscaped island bearing the Kingston Greenhaven sign, would be removed and replaced with dedicated turning lanes to enhance Rt. 70 access.

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As reported on 70and73.com

The 70and73 concept, both a website and Facebook page, were developed by Neill Borowski, a journalist who spent 21 years living in Cherry Hill when he was a reporter and editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer. He was also executive editor of The Press of Atlantic City. Borowski now lives in Marlton, and we are grateful for his keen eye on all things related to the two state highways that define our immediate world. 
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The Legal Basis of Zoning

The NJ Supreme Court has stated that the preservation of the character of a neighborhood and conservation of neighborhood values are still proper zoning purposes.

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Municipal Land Use Law

To promote a desirable visual environment through creative development techniques and good civic design and arrangements.


Municipal Land Use Law

To promote the establishment of appropriate population densities and concentrations that will contribute to the well-being of persons, neighborhoods, and communities, and preservation of the environment.


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